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CSOOL4Ed provides a digital infrastructure that will improve college affordability for students with free etextbooks and educational resources. Having free and immediate access to instructional resources will enable more students to enroll and succeed in more courses as they progress toward graduation in a timelier manner.

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Monica Pires is an Instructional Course Designer at Central State University. Certified Quality Matters (QM) professional. She is passionate about working with faculty in applying the Design principles and QM standards to their courses. Monica is experienced in teaching International Business and Human Resource Management courses. Her educational background in Computer Applications and Human Resource Management along with her experience working with a Multi-National Corporation serves her well in her current capacity.

"I believe that Open Educational Resources (OER) are a great way of ensuring that learners are able to maximize their participation in the course. OER gives learners the opportunity to focus on learning by removing the financial obstacles associated with obtaining textbooks." Dr. Monic Pires.

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